Greenway pattern Reusable Cloth Face Mask, size M


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Brief description

The cloth mask for respiratory protection is a sustainable alternative to disposable products and your contribution to the preservation of the planet. The cut of the mask fits tightly to the face, and it is designed for compact storage. The inner layer of the mask is 100% cotton, so that it is convenient to wear in public places and on public transport, while working, doing sports activities, or while shopping. The stylish design with the company logo matches any outfit and makes you stand out.

Size M (height: 13.5 cm, width: 22 cm)

Today, a face mask has become a must-have accessory. To reduce the use of disposable face masks, which create tons of plastic waste, Greenway has released hypoallergenic reusable face masks.

The mask enables air to pass through and does not obstruct breathing. It also protects the respiratory tract from negative environmental factors. The mask is durable enough to withstand an unlimited number of washes while maintaining a flawless appearance and shape.

We recommend daily washing with a regular detergent and hot steam treatment as an additional disinfection measure.

The outer layer: gabardine (100% polyester). This is a woven air-permeable material that does not allow dust to pass through.

The inner layer: cotton knit (100% cotton). Hypoallergenic fabric is suitable even for delicate and sensitive skin.

Non-sterile. Not a surgical mask.

The mask should be washed and steam treated before first use. Repeat the procedure before each use.


MANUFACTURER: Individual entrepreneur Baldaeva Angelina Vladimirovna. Flat 16, 33/3 Lineynaya street, Novosibirsk, 630049, Russia.

Made in Russia.