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Welllab liquid Fulvic acid, 25 ml


Volume12 PV

Price31.2 EUR

FULVIC ACID WELLLAB LIQUID is a multifunctional natural concentrate of fulvic acids obtained from unique relict deposits of leonardite mined in Eastern Siberia.

  • It does not contain preservatives, dyes and flavors.

FULVIC ACID WELLLAB LIQUID contains fulvic acids — natural organic substances obtained as a result of decomposition of plant substances for many thousands of years. They are a source of trace elements in chelated form, amino acids and other nutrients, which are often lacking in the soil due to modern agricultural technologies. To create the product, we use leonardite concentrate from Eastern Siberia, purified by a special technology and characterized by high quality.

According to scientific research, it is believed that fulvic acids help to improve the absorption of nutrients, support the processes of cellular detoxification and electrical potential in cells, act as a prebiotic, have antimicrobial and antiviral activity.



INGREDIENTS: purified water, a complex of fulvic substances.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER 100 ML OF PRODUCT: proteins — 0 g, fats - 0 g, carbohydrates — 0.7 g.

ENERGY VALUE PER 100 ML OF PRODUCT: 238 kJ / 57 kcal.


RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: add 15-20 drops to 200 ml of water. Do not use chlorinated water. Use in the morning before meals.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: individual intolerance of components.

SHELF LIFE: 18 months from the date of manufacture.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: store in hermetically packed consumer packaging, protected from direct sunlight, away from a heat source, out of reach of children, at a temperature from 0 to plus 25 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.