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Black tea TEAVITALL CLASSIC "Traditional", 38 tea bags


Volume2.8 PV

Price7.9 EUR

TEAVITALL ANYDAY CLASSIC "TRADITIONAL" - tea traditions for those who start their day energetically. Appreciate the refined aristocratic and at the same time energizing taste of a blend of black tea from India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. A cup of black tea will give you a feeling of cheerfulness, improve your well-being and give you strength for the whole day. The classic taste and noble aroma of the drink will be a wonderful gift for all connoisseurs of real black tea.

Black tea is an eternal classic and a favorite drink of millions. It is appreciated for its mild tonic effect, a sense of vitality and an improvement in overall well-being. Give yourself a boost of energy, make a cup of real black tea ANYDAY CLASSIC "TRADITIONAL" according to the classic recipe. Its invigorating taste with a barely perceptible tart sillage and rich amber color make you fall in love from the first sip, making the drink one of the favorites.

NET WEIGHT: 76 g (38 filter bags of 2.0 g)

Kenyan black tea, Indian black tea, Ceylon black tea.

18 months from the date of production.
STORE in a dry, dark place free of foreign odors with a relative humidity of not more than 70%.

Pour 200 ml into 1 sachet. hot water with a temperature of about 90 ° C and let the drink brew for 5-7 minutes.