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TeaVitall Anyday Laplandia tea

Everyday tea drink


Volume2.6 PV

Price7.0 EUR

Don't you believe in miracles? This is because you have not been to Lapland. With TEAVITALL ANYDAY "LAPLANDIA" tea, you have an opportunity to be teleported to a snow-covered northern fairy tale. To the country of a thousand lakes, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow of the Northern Lights, and the homeland of a kind Santa Claus. Don't rush to come back home! Indulge yourself with a cup of tea made according to an old Sami recipe. You will find the unique flavor of these harsh, but beautiful places: the strength of black and Indian tea, the bright sourness of healthy cranberries, and the sweetness and softness of licorice.

Black tea (leaf), Cranberry (fruit), Iceland moss (thallus), Licorice (root), natural "cranberry" flavor.


Black tea is a high mountain tea, which brings the taste a special flavor and aroma. The guarded strength of the drink invigorates you and arranges thoughts and feelings.

Cranberry lends its bright sourness and contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients. It is a great remedy to prevent colds.

Licorice, masterfully woven into this tea bouquet, gives softness and a light sweet aftertaste, without a hint of sickly sweetness. You only feel light notes of floral honey - a symbol of eternal summer and sun.