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TeaVitall Anyday Himalayan tea, 38 tea bags

Tea drink


Volume2.6 PV

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The Himalayas are the highest mountains on Earth - the land of many gods, secrets, and mysteries. We invite you to take a journey into another reality, find answers to your questions, and look inside yourself. The Himalayas tea is conducive to achieving spiritual enlightenment, self-improvement, and to conquering new heights. Enjoy an unusual mix of flavors and aromas, born high in the mountains. The strength of black tea is softened by the sweetness of meadowsweet, and the tart sourness of black chokeberry is harmoniously complemented by the tenderness of buckwheat, born in the Himalayas.

TEAVITALL ANYDAY "HIMALAYAN" is a drink for the champions. Champions of everything.

Black tea, Buckwheat (seed coat), Black chokeberry (fruit), Meadowsweet (flowers), natural “buckwheat honey” flavor.


Black tea is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and essential oils, which have a positive effect on the body, increase physical performance, and stimulate metabolism. Caffeine and tannin give energy and tone for the whole day.
Buckwheat gives the drink a soft floral aroma, and is also a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Buckwheat strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to viral infections, and normalizes the metabolism.
The fruit of black chokeberry has long been known for its beneficial properties. The rich composition of vitamins, microelements, pectins and glycosides helps to cleanse the body of toxins, and calms the nerves.
Meadowsweet is famous, not only for its benefits, but also for its bright honey aroma, which gives the drink a special note. It has vitamins, microelements, tannins, essential oils, but most importantly - ascorbic and salicylic acids, which contribute to the prevention of colds. In addition, meadowsweet lends the drink its calming properties.