TeaVitall AnyDay Chinese tea, 38 tea bags

Everyday tea drink


Volume2.6 PV

Price7.0 EUR

Embrace amazing Chinese culture with TEAVITALL ANYDAY “CHINESE”! This blend of four types of green tea, shaded with orange zest and a sweetish note of anise, will make you will feel like you are luxuriating in a tea ceremony. Enjoy the delicate, creamy, unique taste that will bring you pleasure and tranquility!

Tea drinking is a great opportunity to spend time with your family or chat with friends. Tea is appropriate both during business negotiations and at a romantic picnic. Try TEAVITALL ANYDAY “CHINESE”, and you will forever remember its noble, captivating taste!

Green tea (leaf), Orange peel, Anise (fruit), natural "Orange" flavor.


Green Chinese tea is a canvas on which orange and anise paint a picture of the blend. Four types of tea make the base of the drink very delicate and quiet, giving an opportunity for the rest of flavors to express themselves.

Orange refreshes and evokes images of fogs and cool sunsets seen in the mountains.

Sweet, aromatic fruits of anise greet you with warmth and make the tea moderately sweet.