New Bestseller Set

Activation kit


Volume40 PV

Price90.2 EUR

The easiest way to activate by just one purchase is to buy the Bestseller kit!

The kit includes the top positions of the leading Green Fiber line. The set will help every housewife to appreciate the main line of Greenway cloths and ensure their effectiveness and uniqueness.


The Bestseller kit includes 9 products:

  • HOME A1, unifiber Universal fiber beige

  • HOME P1, glass shine Fiber for glassware gray

  • HOME S1, washing fiber Dish washing fiber coral

  • HOME S3, ribbed fiber Corded fiber yellow

  • HOME S9, unimitt Twist mitten green

  • HOME P2, polish fiber Polishing fiber green

  • HOME Р4, screen fiber Screen fiber gray-coral

  • HOME S6, splitter Splitter sponge blue

  • HOME S2, ultradisk Involver disk yellow

You can make the activation easier!


Instruction for use

Use each product for the intended purpose.