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Green Fiber CARE 8 Hair turban, milky-white


Volume10.4 PV

Price24.2 EUR

The only way to ensure the health, smoothness, and shine of your hair is to take a special care of it. Similar to a hair dryer, the turban dries your hair as delicately as possible without the harmful effects of hot air. The soft and pleasant texture of its fabric perfectly absorbs moisture. Button up the turban to securely and simply fix it on your head and go about your business.

Dimensions: 58 х 26 cm

Due to the nature of the fabric, size tolerances are ±5 %.

Make your hair care routine at home as efficient as in the best beauty and spa salons. Who needs a terry towel that constantly falls from your head! Instead, use a comfortable turban that delicately dries your hair without the use of a hair dryer. The special soft texture of the fiber doesn’t harm your hair, and perfectly absorbs moisture. The turban will dry your hair much faster than traditional terry products and free up time for more important things.

The CARE series fibers are designed fortake care for face and body skin. They are pleasant to touch and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Fibers are ideal for skin cleansing. They don’t require the use of additional cosmetics and provide massaging and exfoliating effects.

The Green Fiber CARE fibers are:

  • Eco-friendly and safe. There is no need to use additional detergents;
  • High-tech. They are based on the UpPoly fiber with unique netting, developed using Japanese technology;
  • Durable, lasting up to 2 years with household use;
  • Economical. They save your money, time, and energy;
  • Multi-purpose. Use a wide range of products for different purposes. Popular items are available in several colors at once.


83% polyester, 17% polyamide

How to use:

Use to dry your hair. Do not iron. Do not dry on a radiator.