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Green Fiber HOME P1, glass shine Fiber for glassware coral


Volume4 PV

Price9.2 EUR

The fiber approaches glassware long washing in a new way. Make it clean, shiny, and glossy with one sweep! Use the fiber to reliably wash windows, mirrors, and glossy surfaces leaving no lint and stains. It enables the delicate polishing of furniture and chrome plumbing fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. There is no need to wipe it dry or use household chemicals. The fiber for glassware is a new approach to general home cleaning!

Dimensions:  40 х 30 cm

The fiber is suitable for glass, mirrors, and glossy surface cleaning. It leaves no lint, stains, and moisture on the surface. The fiber removes fingerprints with just one sweep and delicately polishes every surface, including chrome plumbing fixtures. When dry, the soft microfiber surface delicately cleans monitors and household appliances without scratching or damaging. Since there is no need to wipe glassware dry, the cleaning turns into a pleasant and swift process of comfort creation.

Focus on three main characteristics based on a 10-point scale, where 10 is the highest.

*Аbsorbency —  6

Polishing — 9

Scrubbing — 5

Developed using Japanese technology, the UpPoly fiber with unique netting is used to produce Green Fiber. The wet fiber, split into hundreds of microfilaments, creates a capillary effect. Like a powerful vacuum cleaner, it sucks in plenty of moisture along with dirt. The fiber acts as a magnet drawing and retaining dust. Make cleaning eco-friendly and comfortable with Green Fiber!

The Green Fiber HOME fibers are:

  • Eco-friendly and safe. There is no need to use additional detergents;
  • High-tech. They are based on the UpPoly fiber with unique netting, developed using Japanese technology;
  • Economical. They save your money, time, and energy;
  • Multi-purpose. Use a wide range of products for different purposes. Popular items are available in several colors at once;
  • The service life of the fibers is up to 2 years, at household intensity of use.


80% polyester, 20% polyamide.

How to use:

Use for dry and wet cleaning. No need to use household chemicals. Do not iron. Do not dry on a radiator.