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BALANCER Bio-topping Pear & figs fiber complex, sweet, 150 g


Volume3.2 PV

Price9.6 EUR

This is a complex product — a concentrated BALANCER bio-topping dietary supplement.

BALANCER Bio-topping is a granular flax and black cumin fiber with ground fruits and with extracts of fruit, nuts, topinambur fruit and ginger.

There are 3 flavors, 2 of which are sweet thanks to the melon sugar and one spicy-salty thanks to pink Himalayan salt and rosemary.


With the BALANCER bio-topping fiber complex you don't just get cleansing and health benefits, you also get a great taste! The subtle, natural flavor of premium extracts is in harmony with the light tartness of the fiber, and all this is complemented by the healthy sweetness of calorie-free melon sugar and premium pink salt to excite your olfactory and taste buds!  


  • Cleansing detox, gently sorbing all toxins from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Nutrition for your natural intestinal microflora;
  • Slimness and lightness;
  • Immune system adjustment.


Just one teaspoon of BIO-topping gives you the health benefits and pleasure! Add one teaspoon of BIO-topping to kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, porridge, salad, eggs - and you will get cleansing, immunity boosting and pleasant flavor!


It is not recommended to take medicines together with fiber. The product acts as an active ingredient, which is able to break down and absorb elements of the medication (as a sorbent). The minimum time interval between the intake of fiber and medication should be at least 2 hours.

Gently vacuum steamed fiber:

  • SORBENT DETOXICANT and IMMUNOCORRECTOR = sorbent insoluble soft steamed fibers: black cumin seeds, flax seeds, wheat bran.
  • MICROBIOTE FOOD = soluble prebiotic fibers: topinambur fruit, apple fruit.
  • erythritol (melon sweetener) is a natural sweetener, tastes similar to sugar. Has 0 calories, glycemic index = 2. Does not affect insulin or blood sugar levels. Does not cause tooth decay. Does not cause gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract. Sweetener use does not increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood, and therefore will not lead to the development of atherosclerosis.
  • MINERAL ADDITIVE = pink Himalayan salt.


  • Increases the feeling of fullness. Controls weight — glucose with the help of vacuum steamed fiber is more slowly absorbed into the blood, as a result, carbohydrates are deposited less in the fat layer.
  • Cleanses the gastrointestinal tract by absorbing and removing toxins. Gives a feeling of lightness and vigor.
  • Provides healthy digestion and normal peristalsis. Its speed depends on the fiber coming from food.
  • Improves microflora in the intestine, creating a breeding ground for the growth of its own friendly symbiotic bacteria, improve the evacuation function of the intestine.



Oil is cold-pressed from black cumin seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds to lower the calories and increase the shelf life of the product.


The resulting defatted seeds are milled to a medium particle fraction, optimal for sorption of toxins. Given the fact that the fibers of black cumin and flax seeds are quite stiff, those have a high density - they can scratch the gastrointestinal tract. To prevent this, we treat the obtained fiber with low-temperature steam under vacuum. The fiber is placed in a stainless steel container, the container is vacuumed, and the air is removed. After this we apply steam at 40 degrees and within 30-60 minutes the cellulose is slowly and gently steamed inside the container.


Then the steam is removed and gentle drying takes place, also at 40 degrees. Thanks to this technology, the fiber particles become soft and ready for consumption.