Starter kit General 50 PV


Volume50 PV

Price116.4 EUR

It's no longer a problem to do cleanup quickly and ecologically.

In the General starter kit we have gathered the most top and effective products that will become indispensable assistants in cleaning of any complexity.

The General set includes:

  • Green Fiber HOME P1 Glass fiber, coral version allows you to clean windows, mirrors, and glossy surfaces efficiently without lint and streaks.
  • Green Fiber HOME A1 Fiber universal, beige version intensively absorbs dirt, dust, and moisture, without leaving the slightest hint of lint and streaks.
  • Green Fiber HOME S2 Disk Involver, blue version, removes ultra-strong dirt even from inaccessible places due to its flexible shape.
  • Green Fiber HOME S3 Ribbed fiber, yellow version is suitable for metal and chrome surfaces, as well as for gentle cleaning of cooktops and furniture.
  • Green Fiber HOME S13 Fiber Twist for the floor, green version, has increased absorbency, which means it will reliably collect all excess moisture and dirt, leaving a surface clean.
  • Green Fiber HOME P3 Fiber for optics, gray version, provides gentle cleaning and polishing of optics without scratches, lint and streaks.
  • Green Fiber HOME S15 Sponge for washing dishes, green version, ensures perfect cleanliness and preserves the health of your family.
  • Green Fiber HOME А3 Kitchen fiber, beige, perfectly absorbs moisture and makes your dishes shiny and glossy.
  • Green Fiber HOME S4 Twist scrubber, gray, easily removes stubborn dirt and grime from all surfaces, leaving no streaks, lint, or stains.
  • BioTrim MYSTIK Cleansing paste helps to achieve brilliant results in the kitchen and bathroom, excellent for tiles, stainless steel, and porcelain.
  • BioTrim MYSTIK Cleaning powder is suitable for cleaning glass, porcelain, silver, and metal products.
  • BioTrim COCONUT Laundry pods are designed for regular clothwash cycles. They are recommended for both fast, low-temperature wash cycles and long, high-temperature wash cycles.