Starter kit Light 25 PV


Volume25 PV

Price58.7 EUR

The Light starter kit includes 7 top-of-the-line BioTrim flagship Green Fiber products and cleaners for fast, eco-friendly cleaning of your home.

The Light kit includes:

  • Green Fiber HOME S1 Dish washing fiber, blue easily washes off dirt, does not leave a trace on the surface that can harm the body.
  • Green Fiber HOME P1 Glass fiber, coral version allows you to clean windows, mirrors and glossy surfaces efficiently without lint and streaks.
  • Green Fiber HOME A1 Fiber universal, beige version intensively absorbs dirt, dust and moisture, without leaving the slightest hint of lint and streaks.
  • Green Fiber HOME S2 Disk Involver, green removes ultra-strong dirt even from inaccessible places thanks to its flexible shape.
  • Green Fiber HOME S3 Ribbed fiber, gray easily removes even the stubbornest dirt.
  • BioTrim MYSTIK Cleansing paste helps to achieve brilliant results in the kitchen and bathroom, excellent for tiles, stainless steel, and porcelain.
  • BioTrim MYSTIK Cleaning powder is suitable for cleaning glass, porcelain, silver and metal products.